Semifinalist BBC

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010

Nature – Black & White Category

Introduction To Photography Certificate

Centre of Creative Photography

Camera Portfolio 2002

Semifinalist Veolia Environnement

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

Nature – Black & White Category

About Me

Wildlife Photography – What is the aim of a Photo!

Is it to produce a response from a viewer or rather to show the viewer something in a different light. Human nature is such that we have become somewhat oblivious or indifferent to our surroundings. We tend to take for granted the beauty of this planet we call Earth when was the last time we took the time to marvel at the perfect symmetry of a flower or the texture in a sunset.

My motivation is to capture that definite moment when by the click of the shutter you are able to capture a whole world, an entire event or tell a story.
By concentrating on nature photography I’m hoping to capture that moment in time with the hope that the image will elicit a positive response from the viewer.

As a society, we need to realise that nature plays an important part on the human psyche and if one day, we wake up and find that it is all gone, we as a society will be a lot poorer for it.

Sports Photography – the ability to capture the action at its peak.

This is what makes sports photography an exciting and challenging type of photography. To capture these magic moments is about learning how to predict the peak action. This is why timing is so important, timing is about developing a reflex action which is only learned through practice. Practice will train your reflexes to react in an instant with the ultimate goal being to capture the action at its peak.

Lindsay Farkas

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